Girl Up Campaign Annual Registration

Fall 2018

My roles: Strategy Lead, Copywriter

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The United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign needs its community members—mostly girls and young women in middle school, high school, and college—to update their member data at the beginning of every school year. However, in 2017, only 15.7% of members who logged in during the “reregistration” period completed the four-step process of updating their data. We needed to increase the completion rate.


The platform that Girl Up is using isn’t exactly built for a four-step registration process. The Save button can’t take the user to the next step, and to get around this, the team had created a second button: a Continue button that would take the user to the next step. But even with complicated user segmentation, it was possible for the user to do two things we didn’t want them to do:

  • Click the Continue button without clicking the Save button first, and thus lose any data they had updated

  • Click the Save button but not notice the Continue button, and thus not know what to do next

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 10.13.11 AM.png

This button saves your data but doesn’t take you anywhere else. Erg.


After testing the limits of the platform to make sure we couldn’t move the user forward upon click of the Save button, my colleague Fawn Faletogo and I knew we just had to make the Continue button more prominent—but only after the Save button had been clicked.

After debating the pros and cons of pop-ups for this unique purpose, we decided to show the Continue buttons, with some fun, encouraging messaging, in pop-up lightboxes. By building on the member segmentation that had been set up for the previous iteration, we were able to show users the lightboxes at the right time—only after they’d clicked Save.


The first step in the process used a different module of the platform, and we weren’t able to fire a lightbox after the Save button was clicked on that step. So, we relied on some fun, surprising (and, since it was on-brand for Girl Up, pink!) copy to remind users to click Save before clicking Continue.

Solution, Implemented

While the ideal might have been to move users forward with the Save button alone, the resulting process was more interactive, and we had more opportunities to get members excited about the upcoming year with Girl Up through bright, encouraging copy in the Girl Up voice.

We also condensed the explanatory text at the top of each step, and we retained the reminders to click the Save button, just in case a user clicked out of the lightbox before clicking the Continue button.

We invited Girl Up’s amazing campaign officer to write a special message for those who finished the very last step. (This step is clicking a button to confirm completion of the process, and although it’s not essential for data collection, we wanted to give members an incentive and reward for completion.)


Following these updates, 23.5% of members who logged in during the one-month reregistration period completed the four-step process of updating their data—an increase of nearly 8%.

However, percentages of members who got “stuck” in steps 2 and 3 increased slightly. For the next iteration of this process, we’ll need to look at Google Analytics data to determine where users went after dropping out at steps 2 and 3, and to develop a strategy to keep them in the game.

While we were happy to see the increase in completion rate, we’d like to see even more members complete this process, since we know it is essential to Girl Up’s reporting and to the community’s ROI. To develop objectives and tactics to increase login and completion rates during this period, we’ll need to zoom out and look at the email calls to action and the social messaging landscape, as well as perform some research to better understand member experiences during the reregistration period.