Becker School
Communication Card

Spring 2016

My roles: Strategy Lead, Copywriter, Designer



Parents of students at Becker Elementary didn't know how to obtain basic information about school events, important dates, and procedures, even though the PTA and the district maintain several communication channels: Facebook groups in both English and Spanish, a Facebook page, an email group, Twitter, the school website, and the district website.


Make a print postcard, targeted for parents who are new to the school, that lists ways to obtain information and connect with other parents. Since the school is a Dual Language Academy, all materials—including the postcard—have to be in both English and Spanish.


After two iterations and rounds of conflicting feedback, I realized that two groups—the Communications Committee and the Dual Language Committee—had failed to communicate well with each other about the discrete purposes of the communication methods.

I discovered that a Spanish-language Facebook group was equivalent to a mostly English-language email group, so the way that communication methods had always been grouped—by application (Facebook, Twitter, email, web, etc.)—didn't match users' experiences.


I reorganized the information, dividing the communication methods into two-way and one-way groups—and satisfying all parties.

(Sadly, I am not bilingual and did not write the Spanish translation myself!)

Postcard front

Postcard back—click to expand.