Arts Journalism

I write about humans who make art, dance, perform, write, and look.

I’m a believer in the newsworthiness of the arts. The arts beat—the chronicle of cultural sidenotes, expressions, and nonliteral ideas—is as essential to our democracy as any other beat. A handful of cases in point:

As a former dancer, I'm interested in artists' daily dedications and practices, and the relationship between those and their work.


  • Austin Chronicle, arts contributor, 2007–2018

  • Fjord Review, contributor, 2016–present

  • Dance Europe, Boston correspondent, 2004–2006

  • Westword, arts contributor, 2003–2004

  • Sentinel/Transcript Newspaper Group, arts correspondent, 2003–2004

I've also written for AdobeAirstream, Ballet Review,,  and Elevate Difference, and I served on the Austin Critics Table from 2008 to 2018.

Cover image by  Todd V. Wolfson .

Cover image by Todd V. Wolfson.

Cover photo by  Sandy Carson .

Cover photo by Sandy Carson.

Writing on Arts Writing

  • The Gym (2018) is a series of letters exploring the intersections of physical practice and critical presence.

  • In my essay “The Talk,” I discuss some problems with post-performance talks and point to some innovations and solutions that could make them better.

  • My chapter “Movement on Record: Poetry, Presence, Radicalism” will be published in Dance and Philosophy (Bloomsbury, 2020).