Content Strategy & UX Writing


I'm an ideas person who believes that what you say and how you say it solves problems.

Currently, I’m a community strategist for a slew of awesome nonprofits, associations, and other organizations whose online communities run on Personify Community. I configure and implement mission-driven social spaces where constituents can collaborate, advocates can report in their efforts, and volunteers can organize. I also work with organizations post-implementation to extend event life cycles into digital spaces, design welcome tours and application processes, and develop campaigns and content strategies for wildly different occasions, environments, and members.

From 2010 until 2017, I was the sole keeper of the Online Writing Lab (OWL; now part of the Writing Center) website at St. Edward's University. This role incorporated instructional design, writing blog content, creating web and marketing copy, developing e-learning resources and documentation, and publishing social media content. I've also edited and scaffolded content for B2B content marketing blog posts, white paper, and e-books for Affintus. Oh, and for Howcast, I wrote video scripts on topics ranging from how to make coffee (which I already knew how to do) to how to dance the paso doble (which I didn't).


The assets I created at St. Edward’s University might also be of interest.