Arts Journalism

I write about humans who dance, perform, write, and experience art. As a former dancer who now heads a household of two brilliant kids and two hardworking parents, I'm interested in artists' daily dedications and practices how those intermingle with the more pedestrian aspects of life.

I’m a believer in the newsworthiness of arts journalism. The arts beat—the chronicle of cultural sidenotes, expressions, and nonliteral ideas—is as essential to our democracy as any other beat. A handful of cases in point:

My affiliations have included these publications:

  • Austin Chronicle, arts contributor, 2007–present

  • Fjord Review, contributor, 2016–present

  • Dance Europe, Boston correspondent, 2004–2006

  • Westword, arts contributor, 2003–2004

  • Sentinel/Transcript Newspaper Group, arts correspondent, 2003–2004

I've also written for AdobeAirstream, Ballet Review,,  and Elevate Difference, and I've served on the Austin Critics Table since 2008.

 Cover photo by  Sandy Carson .

Cover photo by Sandy Carson.

 Cover image by  Todd V. Wolfson .

Cover image by Todd V. Wolfson.

 Cover photo by  Sandy Carson .

Cover photo by Sandy Carson.