About Me

That’s me in my weedy South Austin backyard.

That’s me in my weedy South Austin backyard.

I’m a writer and an editor with a fierce empathy for the user.

Right now, I’m a member of the SaaS client success team at Personify. As a Community Consultant, I help organizations build online community spaces and engage their constituents, volunteers, fundraisers, and other stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Before joining Personify, I accrued 15 years of combined experience in editorial, journalism, and higher education. Yep, transferable skills! Here are a few things I’ve learned to do well over the years:

  • Post-login copywriting and content strategy

  • Information architecture

  • Content strategy

  • Web configuration

  • Content scaling/scaffolding

  • Online community engagement

  • Instructional design

  • Point-of-use documentation/helper text

  • Product tours

  • Chatbot text

  • Email writing

  • Editing

  • Journalism

  • Blogging

  • Goal setting and tracking KPIs

  • Google Analytics

I’ve worked in Agile environments, in agency-style environments, in highly creative environments, out of a closet, behind a coffee bar counter—oh wait, I’m going too far back.